So, you can electronically sign your application form. How to Calculate PPP Loan Forgiveness and Apply, Website: Weight Loss Direct LLC. The documents that borrowers should maintain to show compliance with this exemption include the written offer to rehire an individual, a written record of the offers rejection, and a written record of efforts to hire a similarly qualified individual. You get that email, you put that code here you click Continue and it takes you to this page okay. K Servicing Forgiveness Biz2x Ups Package Car Driver Pay Progression Baby Hyacinth Macaw For Sale Get a Free Consultation! Landmark Healthcare Svcs Inc. Chiro One Wellness Centers LLC. Please visit for more information. With. In this video we show you step by step instructions on how to complete your Kabbage or K Servicing PPP loan forgiveness application via the Biz2X PPP loan fo. 1016 E Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34744 Please see the steps below regarding how to begin the forgiveness process. You can pay off the balance at any time without additional fees or prepayment penalties. You click Get started and basically, youre going to get a four-digit code via email. If that reduction were not remedied as of December 31, 2020, the borrower would proceed to Step 3. A seasonal employer that elects to use a 12-week period between May 1, 2019 and September 15, 2019 to calculate its maximum PPP loan amount must use the same 12-week period as the reference period for calculation of any reduction in the amount of loan forgiveness. State income, payroll expense, and unemployment insurance filings, Health and retirement insurance contribution documents, Documents that verify eligible interest, mortgage interest, lease or rent obligations, and utility payments before February 2020 (canceled checks, receipts, accounting statements). The SBA will forgive the portion of the loan used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest or utility payments for up to 24 weeks after the loan is issued. Is there any update on by when will the loan forgiveness portal by Biz2Credit be updated? If the funds are used appropriately, business owners can apply for full loan forgiveness to have the entire amount of the loan forgiven. K Servicing only uses your information as required or permitted by the SBA and the PPP program. PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications This free resource helps business owners apply for PPP loan forgiveness. No. During the Covered Period, the employees wage was not changed, but his or her hours were reduced to 25 hours per week. As noted, only the portion of the premiums paid by the borrower for coverage during the applicable Covered Period or Alternative Payroll Covered Period is included, not any portion paid by employees or beneficiaries or any portion paid for coverage for periods outside the applicable period. You may contact them at (800) 509-6191 or If you fall into one of these two categories, you may qualify for forgiveness: You must fill out the following on the standard forgiveness application: To use the PPP Forgiveness EZ Form, you must meet one of the following: Before you start to fill out your forgiveness application, you will need to have a few pieces of documentation and information ready. All right. The Covered Period or Alternative Covered Period for any borrower will end no later than December 31, 2020. New clients only. Any amount that is not forgiven will be treated as a two-year loan with a 1% fixed interest rate.1. The amount of loan forgiveness is reduced if there is a reduction in the number of employees, or a reduction of more than 25% in wages paid to employees. For borrowers that received a PPP loan before June 5, 2020 and elect to use an eight-week Covered Period, this cap is $15,385. Yes, if the payroll costs are paid on or before the next regular payroll date after the Covered Period or Alternative Payroll Covered Period. About. To explore current Kabbage products, visit But if you are working under a corporation or an LLC, here you put your business EIN number. In Step 1, the borrower enters the figures in 1.a, 1.b, and 1.c, and because annual salary was reduced by more than 25%, the borrower proceeds to Step 2. If you click View, you are going to see This is the PPP forgiveness application form 3508S, okay, so confirm that the information here is correct. Biz2X is the lending platform that has helped Biz2Credit become the premier online business lender. or CALL US at 407-502-2400. David Magen Community Ctr Inc. Multi Specialty Health. Username * All PPP lenders may accept scanned copies of signed loan forgiveness applications and documents containing the information and certifications required by SBA Form 3508, 3508EZ, or lender equivalent. 5.go to console on the top. Top Businesses by Annual Sales for 621310 - Click for Complete Profiles: Joint Corp. Now remember that if you need any help with your PPP loan forgiveness application, we are providing that as a service. Basically, it will take you to this page. Business Advisory; Business Valuation; Corporate Finance; Cash Flow Modelling; M&A Advisory; Venture Capital; Private & Public Partnerships; Owner Supervision And Internal Control Your loan forgiveness eligibility increases if: The amount of your loan that is forgiven is equal to the amount you spend during the 8 to 24 weeks following loan origination toward eligible expenses, including: Forgiven amounts will not be considered cancellation of indebtedness income for federal tax purposes. The borrower should refer to the Salary/Hourly Wage Reduction section under the Instructions for PPP Schedule A Worksheet in the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions. Press J to jump to the feed. The first day of the borrowers first payroll cycle that starts in the Covered Period is June 7. For example, if the borrower is using a 24-week Covered Period and received its PPP loan proceeds on Monday, April 20, the first day of the Covered Period is April 20 and the last day of the Covered Period is Sunday, October 4. Freedomtax Accounting and Multiservices Inc. is providing educational content to help small business owners become more aware of certain issues and topics, but we cannot give blanket advice to a broad audience. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service i received and timeliness of funding. Contact your PPP lender and complete the correct form: Fraudsters have already begun targeting small business owners. Here is a list of requirements. This guidance does not supersede signature requirements imposed by other applicable law, including by the lenders primary federal regulator. ~10%. Review our FAQs for signs of potential SBA fraud, which you can report online or through the Office of Inspector General's hotline at 800-767-0385. Freedomtax Accounting and Multiservices Inc. are providing educational content to help small business owners become more aware of certain issues and topics, but we cannot give blanket advice to a broad audience. And that way we can help you do your PPP forgiveness, okay. K Servicing has acknowledged the complaints by indicating they are making changes to their loan forgiveness application and that they are partnering with Biz2Credit on a "forgiveness. The borrower would then multiply the weekly salary reduction by 24 (because the borrower is using a 24-week Covered Period). Now it says a link here which says the new K Servicing Biz2X dashboard. You can call our office to set up the initial consultation. If the funds are used appropriately, business owners can apply for full loan forgiveness to have the entire amount of the loan forgiven. The borrower is responsible for paying the accrued interest on any amount of the loan that is not forgiven. Contact Information 925B Peachtree St NE PMB 383 Atlanta, GA 30309-3918 Visit Website Email this Business. But if you want to fill it out, you can. Understand how much of your loan was used on eligible expenses. Example 3: An employee earned a wage of $20 per hour between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020 and worked 40 hours per week. The gross amount should be used when calculating cash compensation. If all employees are kept on payroll, SBA will forgive the portion of the loans used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest or utilities for up to 8 weeks after the loan is issued and up to 100% of the loan. Youll just manage your account and repayments through the new KServicing site. Its full-time salaried employees pay was reduced during the Covered Period from $52,000 per year to $36,400 per year on April 23, 2020 and not restored by December 31, 2020. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans are provided by Kabbage, Inc. Kabbage, Inc. is not affiliated with American Express. Note that forgivable cash compensation per employee is limited to $100,000 on an annualized basis. Okay, your demographic questions are optional. New clients only. Emergency Chiropractic PC. The PPP loan forgiveness application process was a source of stress for countless small business owners last year, but this process has now been simplified for loans of under $150,000. If the borrower did not submit its 2019 IRS Form 1040 Schedule C (or F) to the Lender when the borrower initially applied for the loan, it must be included with the borrowers forgiveness application. There's no mention of this on the SBA website, instead this is what the SBA says on their loan forgiveness page: 1. A service for the distribution of transportation refers to transportation utility fees assessed by state and local governments. Biz2Credit Inc. 1 Penn Plaza, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10119. If a borrower has an insured group health plan, insurance premiums paid or incurred during the Covered Period or Alternative Payroll Covered Period qualify as payroll costs, as long as the premiums are paid during the applicable period or by the next premium due date after the end of the applicable period. 1016 E Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34744 Example: A borrowers 24-week Covered Period runs from April 20 through October 4. Commands: !ShakespeareInsult, !fordo, !optout. This is based on how much you spent on payroll and other eligible expenses like rent and utilities during the 24-week period. Under these circumstances, the borrower incurred payroll costs during the Covered Period and may seek loan forgiveness for the payroll costs paid on October 9 because the cost was incurred during the Covered Period and payment was made on the first regular payroll date after the Covered Period. If youre not self-employed here you can put LLC member, CEO, President, whatever title you have on your business. Or you put no okay. Certain pay reductions during the Covered Period or the Alternative Payroll Covered Period may reduce the amount of loan forgiveness a borrower will receive. Anyone have a similar experience? You'll receive an email when it is time to apply for forgiveness. Please email with any additional questions. So, then you click Submit when you click Submit, basically it asks you Are you sure? Team; Services. Self-employed Schedule C (or Schedule F) filers: The compensation of self-employed Schedule C (or Schedule F) individuals, including sole proprietors, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors, that is eligible for loan forgiveness is limited to 2.5/12 of 2019 net profit as reported on IRS Form 1040 Schedule C line 31 (or 2.5/12 of 2019 net farm profit, as reported on IRS Form 1040 Schedule F line 34) (or for new businesses, the estimated 2020 Schedule C (or Schedule F) referenced in question 10 of Paycheck Protection Program: How to Calculate Maximum Loan Amounts By Business Type ). Self-employed independent contractor or sole proprietor with zero W2 employees at the time of the PPP loan application who did not include any employee salaries in the computation of monthly payroll in the Borrower Application Form (SBA Form 2483), Employers who did not reduce individual employee annual salaries or hourly wage reduction by more than 25% or reduce the number of hours of their employees. Paycheck Protection Program & Economic Injury Disaster Loan Discussion for the 2020-2022 COVID-19 disaster. The borrower pays its April electricity bill on May 8. In calculating its loan forgiveness amount, a borrower may exclude any reduction in FTE employees if the borrower is able to document in good faith the following: (1) an inability to rehire individuals who were employees of the borrower on February 15, 2020 and (2) an inability to hire similarly qualified individuals for unfilled positions on or before December 31, 2020. Youre going to see your PPP loan number, youre going to see that PPP loan amount, youre going to see the date that you receive your PPP funds. And now, if youre self-employed here, youre going to put one, okay, and over here number of employees at time that youre applying for forgiveness. Sign into KServicing using your Kabbage login information Email Address Password Forgot your password? Now, one of the most common questions we get is how long does this process take right now. PLATFORM FEATURES. The entire electricity bill payment is eligible for loan forgiveness (even if charges are invoiced separately), including supply charges, distribution charges, and other charges such as gross receipts taxes. The Alternative Payroll Covered Period applies only to payroll costs, not to non-payroll costs. Fill in the form below to get your exclusive discount voucher. In no event may the Alternative Payroll Covered Period extend beyond December 31, 2020. Example 1: A borrower received its PPP loan before June 5, 2020 and elected to use an eight-week covered period. However, if a borrower does not apply for loan forgiveness within 10 months after the last day of the borrowers loan forgiveness covered period, loan payments are no longer deferred and the borrower must begin making payments on the loan. The amount on line 1.c would be 0.75 or more, so the borrower would enter $0 in the Salary/Hourly Wage Reduction column for that employee on the PPP Schedule A Worksheet, Table 1. Please see the steps below regarding how to begin the forgiveness process. And then once you are in K servicing, youre going to see this. The borrower has a biweekly payroll cycle, with a payroll cycle ending on Saturday, April 18. Payroll costs include all forms of cash compensation paid to employees, including tips, commissions, bonuses, and hazard pay. Learn more about how Kabbage can help small business owners accept payments and get paid faster or sell online gift certificates to promote business growth. For payroll costs only, the borrower may elect to use the Alternative Payroll Covered Period to align with its biweekly or more frequent payroll schedule.

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